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Find Your Next Position

You are more than a resume! 
Let us tell your story.

Maverick Search Partners, LLC understands that changing jobs is a big decision. At Maverick we get to know YOU.  We learn not just about your work experience, we learn about you and your goals.  We then develop a job search plan customized for you.

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Tips from a Maverick

Some Pointers, On Us

Thinking of looking for a new gig? Start here!

Have more than one resume.  You read that right.  As a Maverick, you've gained a lot of skills and not all of them apply to every job.  Also, if you find you're not getting the traction you'd hoped for with one, then try a new version.  Many times a few formatting changes can make all the difference.

The Best Tips to Find Your Dream Job

Be honest!
Not just in your interview, that's a given, but with yourself.  If you know you'll succeed with a boss that is a direct communicator, make sure you see it from them in the interview.  If you're worried about the commute, know it won't get any better and will it impact your job performance in the future?

Recruiting Lessons, like riding lessons with less falling off

  1. Tell the truth - always (The truth can be gussied up and still be the truth)

  2. Finding a new job is stressful- give yourself some grace

  3. Have a plan- dedicate real time to: research, evaluate, and prepare

  4. Write your resume- then write it again

  5. Update your Linkedin

  6. Shut down your Social Media- or at least make it private

  7. Ask around- see if anyone knows anything about your potential new employer

  8. Prepare for your interview- have questions ready.  Know the areas the interviewer will ask about- IE Gaps in employment and be prepared to answer TRUTHFULLY

  9. Don't forget to interview the hiring manager, not interrogate, interview them.

  10. Thank you notes- ALWAYS


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